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Where do you host?

I receive in a bright and discreet loft in Quartier des Spectacles. Unfortunately, it is not universally accessible. Let me know if you have any physical limitations so we can accomodate to your needs.

I the screening process mandatory?

The screening process is mandatory. It serves to ensure my safety. I accept reference from two active escorts, a selfie with a photo ID or an ID and a deposit. The information is kept strictly confidential and is handled with the utmost discretion. I am open to signing an NDA.

Can I see a picture of your face before we meet?

For anonymity reasons, I prefer not to share photos with my face and tattoos. Reviews mention an angelic face. 

Do you have any tattoo or piercing?

I have a few tattoos, mostly small filigree drawings. I also have piercings.


What kind of roleplay do you offer?

I love roleplaying. In addition to the classics – nun, schoolgirl, nurse, I like to play the fairy, angel and elf. Typically, roleplay sessions include playing out a previously discussed scenario and lots of dirty talk. I will not do a police roleplay.


What kind of cosplay do you offer?

I wish to personify any character that excites you.  I am often asked to do video game and anime characters, but I'm more than open to broaden my repertoire. You can even get a special for a character from my favorite movie - won't say wich one, but some clues are right in front of you. I do standard and casual cosplays, and I am open to do original characters. 

What should I bring to our date?

Gifts are always enjoyed, but not required. If you want to spoil me, you can check out my wish list. I also enjoy Home Depot, Sassounian and Amazon gift cards.  In case you want to bring drinks or food, note that I particularly like: kombucha, fresh juice, sake, porto, fresh fruits, chocolate and sushi.

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